Past News



27th February is celebrated as Marathi Rashtrabhasha Divas commemorating the birth anniversary of Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar (Kusumagraj) - one of the great visionary of the Indian Freedom Movement. The students of our school celebrated his birthday as Marathi Diwas in his honor. The budding artists of Grade I to VIII looked resplendent dressed in the typical traditional Navwari Sari, Kurta pyjamas as they performed on various Marathi songs. The performances included koli dance, holi dance, lawani, lazim, lati- kathi and talwar- bazi . The celebration also included speeches and songs sung in marathi by the students. The Principal congratulated the students and the teachers for their stupendous effort to make the day memorable one.



National Science Day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm on 28th of February every year in order to commemorate the invention of the Raman Effect in India by the Indian physicist Sir C.V. Raman on the same day in the year 1928. To mark the discovery of this famous phenomenon, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) asked the government of India to designate 28th February as National Science Day in 1989. Keeping the theme of the year Science for Nation Building in mind, the students of Mansukhbhai Kothari National School celebrated The Raman Effect- the phenomenon in the spectroscopy discovered by this eminent physicist in an informative way. Students of grade VIII and IX enlightened everyone on the objectives of National Science Day. They also highlighted the importance of knowing the symptoms and prevention of Swine flu. The effort of the students and teachers were appreciated by the Principal in his concluding speech.



Epic channel had conducted Master Speaker Contest on 19th February in our school. The contest was open for students of grade I to IX .Five students from each grade participated in this contest. Participants had to recite a speech, poem or prose on a famous personality from Indian history or mythology for one minute. Children came dressed as the person they depicted supporting it with a prop related to their speech. The Epic Channel organized this contest to educate the students about the importance of Indias culture and its rich heritage. Topic related videos were shown to encourage the students and make them aware of Indias heritage. The winner from each standard was awarded a trophy and the other participants were given certificates of participation.


Horlicks Mission Exams

A workshop on Horlicks Mission Exams was held on 4th February Wednesday in the school auditorium. Students from class V to X had attended the workshop with their respective teachers. The motive behind the workshop was to identify distractions and their causes. During exam time students feel lost, sleepy, lazy, and fatigue. Excitement, poor diet, boredom, mobile phones and social networking are some of the causes of distraction. They lack focus and concentration while exam. It was advised to students to adopt the method of concentrating on one task at a time. Students were informed about the importance of balanced diet and proper sleep. Students also did some exercises to build up concentration as skill and to sharpen their mind like tongue twister and brain teasers. The experience proved to be both enriching and edifying for the students.




02 Feb 2015

The Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN)

This year's IIMUN was held from 31st January to 1st February 2015 at Vidya Valley School , Pune. 9 students from MKNS participated in the IIMUN Conference . The Indian International Model United Nations ( IIMUN ) is a platform for students to step into the shoes of delegates representing different countries who come together in their respective committees to come up with solutions for various international issues. This year the committees were:

  • WHO ( World health Organization ) who discussed the Ebola issue
  • DISEC ( Disarment and Security Council) who discussed the Taiwan issue
  • UNSC ( United Nations Security Council ) who discussed the reforms of Security Council.
  • ECOFIN ( Economics and Finance Council ) who discussed Switzerland's bank secrecy
  • War Room Cabinet ( ISI vs RAW ) who discussed the Kashmir issue
  • Lok Sabha who discussed the 100 smart cities in India in 2015
  • SOCHUM ( Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Council ) who discussed issues related to inter- caste marriages
  • HRC ( Human Rights Council ) who discussed the rights of the civilians in Syria
  • IP ( International Press )- The photographers and Journalists were reporting everything that happened in the committees on the IIMUN

Each student was given a different country in their respective committees. They were also awarded a participation certificate. Sharika Bhan was awarded a special mention for the IP( International Press). IIMUN gives you an opportunity to speak your mind out, increase your vocabulary, improves your speaking skills and also helps us to learn and update about various issues. This was an experience that none of us will ever forget and will look forward to attend the next IIMUN conference.

01 Feb 2015


The students of Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, once again brought laurels to the school by winning prizes at an Interschool Judo Competition conducted under the aegis of the Mayor of Pune. The competition was held at "Shree Shivaji Vyayam Mandir, Sadashiv Peth" from 31st January to 1st February. The winners are as follows-

30 Jan 2015


An educational excursion to Inter University Centre for Astrophysics and Astronomy (IUCAA) Science Park was organized by Mansukhbhai Kothari National School on Friday,30th January 2015. Students of grade VIII and IX were accompanied by the teachers. The following exhibits were viewed by the students:

  • SUNDAIL-check time with sun's position
  • WHISPERING GARDENS-two concave plates reflect the sound waves
  • Check your weight on the moon and mars using a load-effort mechanism
  • MAZE
  • Know your distance of a person from you without measuring it
  • PLANETREK-explanation for Kepler's law of Planetary motion
    It was an enriching and an inspiring experience for the students who went for the excursion.


13 Jan 2015

"You don't win silver, you lose gold!"

Games at MKNS are played with much fervor and passion. There is emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. An interhouse Table Tennis competition was organized at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School on Tuesday, 13th January, 2015 and Wednesday, 14th January, 2015. Students from Grade 5-10 participated in this event. Following is the list of winner Houses.

Sr no Final Match Points Winning House Winners Name
1 Earth House Vs Water House ( Boys) 11 - 07 Earth House Pratham (6B)
2 Air House Vs Fire House ( Boys) 11 - 05 Air House Mohammad Parker (8B)
3 Air House Vs Water House ( Boys) 11 - 08 Air House Yogi ( 9)
4 Air House Vs Water House ( Girls) 12 - 14 Water House Pojhaa (9)
12 Jan 2015


An English Intra-Class Poem writing competition was held for Grade 5-10 on Monday, 12th January 2015 at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School. The topics for Grade 5-7 was 'Friendship' and 'Nature' for Grade 8-10.
The duration to write the poem was 20 minutes and was a part of the class schedule as it was organized in the English class by the respective English teachers. The Parameters on which the poems were judged were- Rhyme scheme, Originality, Use of figure of speech and Use of vocabulary. 2 best Poems from each class were selected.

(Grade 5A) 1.Swarali Mahajan 2. Ishmin Bhatia
(Grade 5B) 1. Vishesh Naveen 2. Liba Rahman
(Grade 5C) 1. Sharanya Hegde 2. Sadaf Ambreen & Misbah Shaikh
(Grade 6A) 1. Charvi Srivastava 2. Ananya Sharma
(Grade 6B) 1. Sudhakar V 2. Ardra Thakare
(Grade 7) 1. Sanika Keni 2. Mrugal Shah
(Grade 8A) 1. Sarah Ship Chandler 2. Shagun Mishra
(Grade 8B) 1. Priyanka Kalraiya 2. Arsh Shaikh
(Grade 9) 1. Ashwin Shenai 2. Karuna Das
(Grade 10) 1. Jas Thakkar 2. Kasim Johar
09 Jan 2015


An English Intra-Class Slogan writing competition was held for Grade 5-10 on Friday, 9th January 2015 at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School. The theme for Grade 5-7 was 'World Peace' and 'Clean India Campaign' for grade 8-10.
The Parameters on which the slogans were judged were- Theme based s, Originality, Creativity, Catchy and witty. 2 best slogans from each class were selected as winning slogans. Following is the list of winners-

Grade 5A 1. Rakshandha Chawla
2. Om Aditya
Grade 5B 1.Shruti Prasad
2. Rachit Lalani
Grade 5C 1. Hannan Pathan
2. Dia Pinto
Grade 6A 1. Charvee Shrisvastav
2. Aashay Bothra
Grade 6B 1 .Adra Thackare
2. Sonali Agarwal
Grade 7 1. Alan verghese
2. Eekshith M
Grade 8A 1. Shagun Mishra
2. Trisha Jauhari
Grade 8B 1. Hatim Saifee
2 .Safi Maruf
Grade 9 1 .Nida Mulani
2 .Sharika Bhan
Grade 10 1 .Kasim Jauhar
2 .Sahil Shah
23 Dec 2014


Fun, bonhomie and excitement ruled MKNS on Tuesday, 23rd December, 2014 as the children celebrated the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. The Christmas cantata was held on the school playground. The programme commenced with a special assembly on the theme of Christmas presented by grade 1. The tiny tots shared some interesting facts about Christmas with the audience. The assembly was followed by an energetic dance performance by students of Grade 8.
The cherry on the cake was the tableau presented by Grade 3 which beautifully showcased the birth of Jesus Christ. The school choir sang melodious Christmas carols during the tableau. In the end, Principal congratulated everyone for the efforts and spoke about the importance of Christmas and also distributed prizes to the Lucky Draw winners. The programme ended with the arrival of Santa Claus who distributed sweets amongst the children, thereby adding more joy and cheer.

20 Dec 2014


The bright and clear afternoon with a hint of cool breeze made the day pleasant for both the spectators and participants alike, as they gathered for the 4th Annual sports day at MANSUKHBHAI KOTHARI NATIONAL SCHOOL.
The occasion was graced by the chief guest Brig. N.K. Bhatia. The meet was declared open by releasing the balloons & lighting of the torch by the Principal Dr. Sandeep Khanna. The mega event commenced with a spectacular march past by the four houses Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The highlights of the event were the captivating Zumba performance and the beautifully coordinated Mass P.T. drill displayed by the primary section. Few other heartwarming demonstrations included the skating, taekwondo, yoga and aerobics and human pyramids. The audience was enthralled by various fun races like step forward, searching the coins amongst many others. As part of the traditional track races there were the house relays and baton relays. The zesty parents also got a chance to re-live their school days by participating in few races .The event was culminated by the prize distribution ceremony and the winners were rewarded by certificates, medals and rolling trophies by the chief guest , Principal ,Mr. Mayur Shah and Col. Navneet. The sports event was followed by the carnival which comprised different food stalls and entertaining game stalls.

16 Dec 2014


Art Mela 2014 was conducted in the school on 16th December 2014. Various competitions like drawing, paper plate decoration, rangoli and installation were organized and the students participated in them with great enthusiasm. The little ones of grade I and II shared their creativity and imagination through their drawings whereas grade III and IV showed their craft skills by decorating the given paper plate. The senior boys made interesting 3-D models by using boxes, tyres, wires, papers and many other things. The most attractive feature of the day was the rangolis made by the senior girls on the given topics 'Nature' and 'World Peace' which reflected their thoughts as well as the skills. The guest for the event, cartoonist ,Mr. Dulange, the cartoonist praised and appreciated the children's efforts. He also demonstrated how to draw cartoons and caricatures which the students enjoyed a lot . Other two Judges were Mr. Nirad (NID), an alumni of NID Ms. Ashwin S. Wadegaonkar from University of Pune .

12 Dec 2014


The Pre- Primary sports day was organized in the School on 12th December on the theme - Winter, Summer Season and Christmas. The day commenced with a spectacular mass P.T. display by playgroup students. Many fun races were also organized for the little ones. Human Pyramid made by students of K2 was the highlight of the day. This was followed by skating performance by K2 students which enthralled the audience. Towards the end, various races were conducted for the parents. The event concluded with Prize distribution ceremony and the winners were awarded with medals & certificates by Mr. Mayur Shah & Principal , Dr. Sandeep Khanna who also proposed vote of thanks .

12 Dec 2014

Times NIE Newsmakers Meet

The Times NIE Newsmakers Meet was held on 12 December 2014 at the Times House on F.C. Road. Students from over 35 schools were present on this occasion. The session commenced with renowned writer Manjiri Prabhu briefing the students on how to write a story. This was followed by an activity wherein all the students had to write a report on a unique event held by their respective schools. Then some snacks were offered to the students after which TOI Pune Editor Anne Thomas held a discussion on the versatility of topics in each and every theme. The meet ended with Chief of the Reporters Desk Abhijit Atre telling the students about how news is collected and newspapers are printed. Students cleared their relevant doubts after every session. Everyone was given two interesting fiction books to keep as a memory of the event.

28 Nov 2014


An inter-house Debate competition was organized at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School on Friday, 28th November, 2014. The topic for the debate was -Can computers replace teachers? Students from grade 5-8 participated in the competition. Two speakers from each house spoke 'for' and 'against' the motion. Two minutes were allotted for the rebuttal which saw an interesting mix of arguments and counter arguments. Participants were judged on the following parameters-content, language and expression, relevance to the theme, time management and rebuttal. Water House was declared as the winner in the category of 'Best Team.' Shagun Mishra won the prize for the 'best speaker'-against the motion and Charvee Shrivastav for the 'best speaker' for the motion. The judges for the event were Ms.Trupti Barve and Ms.Anagha Chandekar. Principal, Dr.Sandeep Khanna summed up the debate. Jas Thackkar and Hammad Anwer were the comperes.

28 Nov 2014


'If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads' - Ralph Waldo Emerson . One nation reading is an annual event initiated by Scholastic India where children in schools across the country spend approximately 30 minutes reading for fun to celebrate the reading as a leisure activity . A book is a device to ignite the imagination. Thus to celebrate the significance and pleasures of reading , Mansukhbhai Kothari National School joined the scholastic India's annual One Nation Reading event on Friday 28th November 2014. Students from grade I to X gathered on the school playground and formed an outline of an Open Book . Teachers administed the oath in English and Hindi respectively to the students .

14 Nov 2014


Children's day was celebrated with a lot of excitement, fervor and enthusiasm at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School on 14th November, 2014. As a tribute to Pandit Nehru and his love for the children, the schools had organized a host of programmes. The day started with an inter-house dance competition followed by a 'cultural programme' presented school teachers. The programme comprised of a plethora of music, dance and skit. The children enjoyed immensely their teachers perform. The second half of the day, witnessed a friendly football match between grade 8-10. The day culminated with a 'Carnival' (fete) comprising of games and food stalls by the teachers. It was indeed a day of fun and frolic, a celebration of childhood and children.

14 Nov 2014


An 'Inter house folk dance competition' was held on 14th November 2014 in the school's multipurpose hall. The four houses " FIRE , AIR, WATER, EARTH" presented folk dance representing various Indian cultures. The competition comprised of the following dances Bhangra, Rajashathani, Kashmiri, and Maharashtrian. The children enthralled the audience with their foot tapping dance moves. FIRE HOUSE was adjudged as the winner. The judges for the event were Aarti Sahani and Pradnya Oak. Concluding the program Principal spoke about the importance of various cultures and congratulated everyone for their efforts .The event ended infusing a spirit of Indian culture and tradition.

13 Oct 2014


The investiture ceremony is one of the first momentous occasions of the school where the newly elected members of the school's senate are officially vested with their responsibilities and positions. The investiture ceremony at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School was held on Monday 13-10-2014. After the welcome speech and lighting of the lamp, Principal , Dr. Sandeep Khanna conferred the students with badges. The school's student council was led by the newly elected 'Head boy' Hammad Anwer and 'Head girl' Shrishti Prasad, followed by office bearers of different wings. The programme proceeded with the investiture of captains and vice-captains of different houses. Later , the House Mistresses handed over the House flags to the respective houses, namely, Air House, Earth House, Fire House, and Water House. The most defining moment for the entire school was the oath taking ceremony .Principal Dr. Sandeep Khanna sworn in the newly formed school council. The programme ended with a speech and vote of thanks delivered by the school Principal. He also encouraged the students to uphold the values of the school while discharging their duties honestly and impartially.

01 Oct 2014


On the 1st of October 2014, there was yet another event at MKNS. Students from Grade V to X had participated in this inter-house competition. The students were given topics just a minute before the commencement of the competition and were asked to prepare on the same. Topics were from the domain 'Environment' and 'Entertainment'. There were 2 participants from every house. The judges for this competition were Jiyaa Khatri-school counselor, Principal Dr. Sandeep Khanna and Ms. Jacqline Pillai. All the students spoke well on these given topics . Principal concluded by sharing his thoughts with the students and declared the results. Water house and Fire house were on the first position with a tie, followed by the Air house on the second place and Earth house on the third place.

01 Sep 2014


The students at MKNS not only excel in academics but also emerge as winners in various competition. 2 students reached the finals in Horlicks Wiz Kids. Kasim Johar was among the 10 finalist in the Wiz Team, whereas Sara was among the 10 finalist in the ' Solo Singing' competition . The Tirangaa Competition held at Amanora School was again a proud moment for the MKNS students securing 1st and 2nd positions in various events . The Science Expo organized at Mount Carmel was no different .Here too the students displayed their ingenuity by securing 1st and 2nd position in the quiz competition and 2nd plzce in the Science model Display. They won a total of 12 Gold/Silver medals . Ashwin Shenai of Grade 9 won a Samsung Tab securing 1st position in the NIE - Think & Learn Challenge city finals .23 students were awarded merit certificates. Students actively participated in the Interschool Invitational English Elocution competition organized by the 'Stepping Stone' High School, Aurangabad.

15 Aug 2014

Independence Day Celebration at "Mansukhbhai Kothari National School"

With a great zeal and pride, the 68th Independence day of India was celebrated on 15th of August 2014 at 'Mansukhbhai Kothari National School', Kondhwa . All the staff and students gathered on the ground and the national flag was hoisted with honor by Mr. Sandeep Khanna, the principal of the school, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. A skit on 'Freedom Fighters' of our country was also presented by primary students. Everyone enjoyed the same and appreciated their effort.
The school then assembled in the auditorium for a colorful cultural programme presented by students of different grades. The programme started with a speech in English by Sana Jamal and in Hindi by Priyanka Kalraiya, presenting their thoughts and emotions on their beloved country. The programme consisted of patriotic songs sung by the school choir, dance performances on various patriotic themes like: The Tricolor, Our Freedom Fighters, and Colorful India. A special display on 'Hamara Bharat" theme by the skating group was also appreciated by all. Antakshari was also organized for the staff and students.There were 3 rounds of Antakshari namely: Antakshari round, Dhun round and A/V round for the entertainment of the staff and students. Four teams were allotted namely Sa Re Ga Ma which consisted of 3 students and a teacher. The programme concluded with Principal's motivating speech.
Snacks were distributed to the students in class after which there were various activities for different grades. Grade 1-4 had drawing and coloring competition on the theme 'Independence Day'. Grade 5 had a session on Tree Plantation, Grade 6 and 7 flew beautiful kites and grade 8 - 10 had a friendly football match. Everyone returned home feeling content and indeed proud to be Indians. But, it just doesn't end here. Patriotism is in the blood of every Indian and will forever remain.

04 Aug 2014

Elocution Competition in "Mansukhbhai Kothari National School"

An elocution competition at school level gives students a good opportunity to combat the biggest fear factor i.e. stage fear. This allows the students to connect with the audience and discover their hidden potentials. Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Kondhwa organized an Inter-house English elocution competition for its students of grade 5th to 10th on Monday 4th August 2014 in the school auditorium. The 5th to 10th graders were divided into 2 groups i.e. Group I - Grade 5th to 7th whose topic was "If there was no sun" and Group II - Grade 8th to 10th whose topic was "India of my dreams". The school captain, Hammad Anwar anchored the entire program commencing by greeting the judges, teachers and the students. The participants spoke very well on their respective topics.
The panel of judges, who judged the young students for elocution competition, were Mrs. Neena Baruah who has graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) having 25 years long experience in teaching, Mr. Sandeep Khanna, the Principal of MKNS and Mrs Vinita Kulkarni. Our guest judge, Mrs. Neena Baruah appreciated the students on their voice modulation, confidence, use of emotions and their expressions. She also encouraged the students to read extensively for increasing their vocabulary. In the end of her speech she appreciated the school for its extensive exposure given to the students to grow in the right manner. Mr. Sandeep Khanna, the principal of MKNS, while presenting his observations said, "The students gave a remarkable performance. However, they need to focus more on the time limit and pronunciations". He also presented a memento to the guest judge Mrs. Baruah. After which the results were announced. Water House stood first in both the groups. It was indeed a joyous moment for the water house students.