Mansukhbhai Kothari National School

Playgroup - Grade X & XI - XII Science & Commerce
(Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi) Affiliation Number : 1130445

School Policies

Arrival and Dispersal

  • The students are expected to reach the school by 7:45 A.M. Students should attend school as well as classes regularly.
  • Late comers and absent students must bring a note from their parents stating a valid reason.
  • The frequency of late coming should be recorded in the Almanac. Three consecutive late arrivals would lead to the students being send back.
  • The School Bus leave the premises at 2.15P.M
  • The walker students are to be picked up after the buses leave.

Leave / Absence from school

  • Leave record should be maintained in the Almanac.
  • Application for long term absence requires prior approval from the Principal. Long absence without valid/ sufficient reason shall run the risk of student's name being struck of the rolls. Re-admission shall not be automatic; it will depend on the vacancy of the seat with Re-admission fee.
  • Notify teachers of any allergies and ensure emergency medical information is up-to-date.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the working hours. In case of emergency, written permission from the senior management must be sought.
  • Health and safety of all students is a matter of deep concern. If the staff members feel as though a child is too sick to be at the school when they arrive then they will be sent home with the parent. If the child becomes ill while at the school, the staff will contact, or emergency contact person to collect the child. Parents must submit a medical fitness certificate duly signed by a doctor to ensure that the child is medically fit to re-join the school.
  • A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease must produce a doctor's certificate permitting him/her to attend the school. A student suffering from the following disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the class :
    • Chicken Pox - till complete falling of scabs.
    • Cholera - till the child is completely well
    • Measles - 2 weeks after the rashes disappear.
    • Mumps - till the swelling has gone i.e. about a month.
    • Whooping Cough - 6 weeks.

Personal Hygiene

  • The students should wear the prescribed uniform and must be smart and immaculate. She / He should be well groomed at all times.
  • Long hair should be tied neatly and students with short hair must get a regular hair cut.
  • Sikh students must use the prescribed colour turban.
  • Students may wear small ear studs if their ears are pierced. Students should deter from use of nail paint, kajal or any cosmetic. Nails should be trimmed regularly.
  • Strictly vegetarian food should be sent in the Tiffin or a fine of rupees 200 will be charged. Send a clean napkin every day.

School Property

  • Due care should be taken of the school property. Disfiguring or damage to the aforesaid will be charged.
  • It is the duty of every student to dispose litter in the bins and keep the surroundings tidy.
  • It must be ensured that lights and fans are switched off when not in use.
  • Library books should be returned in time and in case of misplacement or loss of a book, one is liable to be fined or pay equivalent to the cost of the book.

General Behavior

  • Students must be courteous and behave politely at all times. They should respect elders and teachers.
  • Students must observe silence in the absence of a teacher especially during change of periods.
  • The following practices are strictly forbidden and in case of negligence are liable to attract strict disciplinary action by the Principal:
    • Cheating or use of unfair means during examination or assessment.
    • Possession or use of mobiles, I-pods or personal stereo.
    • Rowdy and indecent behaviour, bullying or disobedience of school rules.
    • Reading / browsing of obscene literature.

School Aims

  • Be a living, vibrant and integral part of the society.
  • Giving each student a strong foundation by inhibiting in him/her qualities of leadership, regard for the elders and respect for the noble ideas and norms of the society.
  • Equip the child with excellent technological proficiency so that he/she may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world.
  • Encourage all students persona;, social, spiritual and moral development.
  • Providing outstanding teaching resources to facilitate all round development.
  • Offer a caring environment where individual attention is given for the general well-being of each student.
  • Promote equal opportunities for students in every area of school life.

Ideas to inculcate values and Build Relations

  • Use lot of vocabulary of love.
  • Listen to your child’s narrations and stories.
  • Exercise together, Play together, walk together.
  • Discuss homework, subjects, school rules and regulations in the right spirit as you are our valued co-parents in the cause of education.
  • Learn something new e.g. a computer game from your child.
  • Help your child to keep his/her room / cupboard neat and clean instead of ordering them to do so.
  • Ask for their help/ assistance in the kitchen.
  • Build a model airplane/ make a kite/ draw & paint together/play cartoon or chess etc. so that they would know how to spend their leisure time.
  • Watch Television programs related to nature, environment, history, science & technology.
  • Attend lectures or take part in activities related to social causes, environmental issues, historical events.

Ideas to help you study

  • Start with a clean desk.
  • Sit up-straight.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your teacher. Never omit any difficult part of your studies.
  • Never omit the lesson or homework assigned.
  • Always revise the work done in the class.
  • Get enough exercise every day. It keeps the mind fresh.
  • Eat well and sleep well.
  • Pray to God to help you make progress in your studies.

Code of conduct

We have set high, clear and fair behavior standards for our community of learners. This code of conduct will apply at all times while the student are on or off school property. In order to realize opportunities for academic and personal growth, it is essential that every member of the school practices:

Honesty Be a person who can be counted... Be free of deceit and dishonesty and use integrity when completing work or sharing ideas.
Respectful behavior Treat each person as you should be treated… Model positive behavior and language, which reflect cooperation with all members of the community.
Responsibility Do the right thing… Accept responsibility for actions or education while abiding by established school rules, regulations and laws of the community, state and nation.
Compassion Be Kind.... Exercise consideration of others at all times and be empathetic.
Self Discipline Take charge of yourself….. Exercise ability to work within limits established personally and within the school community.
Perseverance Stick to it….. Be deligent, with the inner strength and determination to pursue goals.
Giving Share your time and talents Respond positively to others by sharing talents and service with them.


  • Bullying either verbal or physical will not be tolerated by the school in any form. The same should be reported to a staff member or the management.

School Timings

Playgroup, K1 & K2

  • Start at: 8:45 am
  • Leave at : 12:15 pm

Grades I-XII

  • Start at: 7:45 am
  • Leave at: 2:10 pm