Mansukhbhai Kothari National School

Playgroup - Grade X & XI - XII Science & Commerce
(Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi) Affiliation Number : 1130445

The 67th Republic day was celebrated at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School by everyone with great pride. The day began with the flag hoisting ceremony, followed by the national anthem. The programme escalated with a dance performance by the students on a famous patriotic song followed by a musical performance on keyboard on the song VandeMataram which showcased the love and pride for our country. Principal Dr. Sandeep Khanna emphasized the value and importance of citizenship and the utmost need of the hour of imbibing good culture among the students who are the future global citizens. The day ended with a feeling of pride and honour of our country in all our hearts.

Scholastic and co scholastic activities have an equal importance in school programme for an all round development of the child. Keeping this in view, we at Mansukhbhai Kothari National School conducted the Fancy Dress Competition for the students of grade 1 to grade 4 the purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them a platform to face the audience. The bright airy room was filled with colours. Our tiny tots showcased immense confidence and grace, and faced the audience without any inhibitions. Children portrayed various characters based on apt themes like fairy tale, community helpers, leaders and freedom fighters, advertisement of a product. The students came out with many new and creative ideas. Their energetic and charismatic performances were praised by the judges. The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talent.

MKNS celebrated World Earth Day on 22nd April 2016 with myriad of educational and fun activities. A special assembly marked the beginning of the event where students of VIII B presented a skit to sensitize the students about the protection of our Earth. A cycle rally was organized by Ministry of Environment and Forest to start the day. The rally started from Mohammadwadi and ended at Shivajinagar. Enthusiastic Students of Grade X participated in this event and completed the rally of 20 km stretch. Student volunteers of Grade VI to X also went to Anandvan for a "Tree plantation drive".

The annual sports meet of MansukhBhai Kothari National School, Pune, was held on 11th February,2017. It was given a flying start by the esteemed chief guest MrJeet Singh (IFS) Additional Principal Chief Conservator of forest(Research and Training) Maharashtra State. MKNS is committed to the spirit of sportsmanship and hence students are encouraged to actively participate in the sports events.

Students from grade I to XI participated in the varied races like the Fun Races for grades II and III. The 100 meter races for the grades V to XI. There were parents races too. Aerobic Demonstrations, Karate and Pyramid Demonstrations also enthralled the audience; the March Past was well presented by all the houses. The other guests who graced the occasion were Mrs Jyoti Sharma (a social activist), Mr Kumar and Mr Dhingra from Anandvan. Parents were enthusiastic to view their little ones striving to achieve a position in different races. The Principal, Dr Sandeep Khanna applauded the efforts of the children and teachers in making the event a grand success.

"Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love". Grandparents are special to every child. Their knowledge is invaluable and their love unconditional. In keeping with this, Mansukhbhai Kothari National school celebrated Grandparent's Day on 19th November 2016.

The programme started with a prayer and a welcome song followed by entertaining performances by the students of the pre primary section of the school where they displayed their love and gratitude towards their grandparents. Various interesting games were organized for the grandparents that they really enjoyed participating in. Tiny tots in colourful attires presented a wonderful show; they all were excited to perform before their grandparents , they were very happy to witness this event.

The show was based on the theme WORLD UNITY wherein the students portrayed a wonderful amalgamation of culture dances and performances from various parts of the world. Principal Dr. Sandeep khanna posed the closing of the event by delivering the vote of thanks and also spoke about the contribution and vision of schools founder late Shri Mansukhbhai Kothari and his achievements in the field of education.

Grandparents are special to every child. Their bed-time stories are integral part of everyone's growing up years. They are also the wise and experienced ones we turn to in times of trouble. Their knowledge is invaluable and their love unconditional. In keeping with this in mind, MKNS celebrated 'Grandparents Day' on 31st October 2015 in the school auditorium. Tiny tots in colourful attire, with boys and girls dressed in beautiful costumes based on the stories of Pinocchio , Red riding hood and winnie the pooh . They were all excited to perform before their grandparents. They taped their feet and danced to various tunes. Dramas unfolded the little ones love for their grandparents. Kids were elated to surprise their loved ones with these special performances. Teachers also conducted a quiz for the grandparents and the winners were given special prizes for the same. To express their gratitude and love few of the grandparents were called upon the stage to share their feelings. On the occasion, Principal Dr. Sandeep Khanna extended thanks to all the grandparents for their valuable time and their unconditional love for their grandchildren .

Mount Carmel high school and junior college held its annual enriching two-day programme of extra-curricular activities at inter-school inter-college level the 'CARMELVENZA' which was held on the 17th and 18th Nov 2016. Mansukhbhai Kothari National School participated in arrays of competitions , achieving the award of BEST OVERALL SCHOOL by winning most of the competitions that were held in the fest.

The events in which MKNS outshone other schools were, upcycling where in they stood 2nd position , Best out Of Waste, Modelling minds- where the students won the 2nd place. In Dancing starz where in team MKNS won the First place in performing a truly impeccable dance on Assamese folk dance.

Team MKNS consisting of three students also won the First Place in the Math quiz Billionaire where in they were faced with some grueling math logic questions. All in All it was the competitive spirit that was truly epitomizing from this multi faceted programme.

Principal Dr Sandeep Khanna congratulated the winners and encouraged all the participants to develop their passion and talent in their specific area of interests.

The Investiture Ceremony of the Prefectorial Board of Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Kondhwa, Pune, took the pledge of honor on 21th December 2016 during the special assembly.

The occasion was graced by Special Guest Col. Kulkarni, who congratulated the badge holders and encouraged them to shoulder their duties with 'locality, truth and honor'. The Principal Dr. Sandeep Khanna inspired the 'young leaders' to uphold the values of the school and to keep 'Mansukhbhai Kothari' flag flying high while discharging their duties honestly and impartially and also encouraged them to excel in their future endeavours.

It was a defining moment for newly elected Captains as they administered oath and pledged to work earnestly and keep the school motto of loyalty, truth and honor in high esteem. The Special Guest Col. Kulkarni, in his speech congratulated the Office Bearers and advised them to take up their duties sincerely and with full commitment.

The students of Grade VI A conducted an assembly programme on 16th Jan 2015. The theme was "Qualities of a good student". The qualities of a good student such as Good students are curious, Good students pursue understanding diligently, Good students recognize that a lot of learning isn't fun, Failure frightens good students, but they know it's beneficial, Good students make knowledge their own, Good students never run out of questions, Good students share what they've learned were explained in detail by the students. A PPT on the same was also shown. Students also presented the thought for the day and the news. 11 students participated and the programme was compered by Charvee Srivastava.

The assembly was conducted by Grade 8B on the topic "Wonderful Festival of Lohri". Lohri is a punjabi festival in which a bonfire is made and pooja is done. People celebrate Lohri enthusiastically by dancing around the bonfire and reciting prayers. Information on Lohri was given by Ishita, Zainab, Ayesha and Priyanka. Hatim Saifee and Arsh recited a poem on Lohri in Hindi. Grade 8B presented a PPT made by Hatim Saifee.

Students of class VIII A presented the assembly on the above topic which also included the news headlines, amazing facts and thought for the day. Students also prepared a PPT showing how and when this tragedy took place on 2nd December, 1984. Tolls of more than 8000 lives were taken in just three days after the gas leakage in the UNION CARBIDE FACTORY in Bhopal. Also, 30 years after this mishap a movie called "BHOPAL-A PRAYER FOR RAIN" was released. It showed how the poisonous gas-METHYL ISOCYANIDE leaked from the pesticide making factory and led to the huge loss of life due to negligence. Students spoke confidently and exhibited a healthy team spirit.