Middle School

Middle (Grades 6-8)

Our Primary and Middle year programme brings in opportunities for different styles of learning with special focus on blossoming intelligences.

With activities centered around observation and discovery, our students are empowered with life skills, critical thinking and creative skills.

Collaborative learning is a regular feature, as children learn to work together as well as independently.

Through progression from year to year, there is broadening of the curriculum with increase in cognitive challenges.

Learning and the purpose of Assessment at MKNS  is  to enhance and reflect the quality of the students’ understanding. At the end of the Primary Programme, our students confidently make a foray into the Middle School where, self- reliance in learning becomes an important aim.

Attention is given to the requisite level in each subject by defining attainment standards.

Children learn to set goals and have long term objectives.

The subjects at Middle School level include:





Social Studies


Art And Craft

Physical Education

Life Skills

Music, Dance And Drama

Computer Skills

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