Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

Warm and heartful welcome to all!
It is said that school is a miniature society. This leads me to think what kind of society? What will be the attributes of this society? What is expected of this society? Does society have a role to play in Nation Building?

I am sure that you being a parent may have many attributes to describe this society. We are living in a shrunken world. But there are few universal values which are eternal in all societies around the world. We need to orient our children to be aware and instill these values in them.

The values like honesty, sincerity, patriotism, empathy, patience, respect for teachers and parents, perseverance, punctuality, kindness, discipline are instilled at the formative stage of life and then become a way of life.

We at MKNS, strive to instill these values. Needless to say that scholastic transaction is blended with co-scholastic activities. Along with structured curriculum we put emphasis on co-curricular activities — sports – indoor and outdoor, music education, performing arts education etc.

Our children spend on an average 800— 1000 hours in school and school is expected to be ‘perfect’  in all respects. But at the same time we should not ignore that another 800 — 1000 hours are spent at home.

In today’s time, school and parents are expected to work together as a team for the welfare of the students.
I appeal to all the parents to come together and join us, so that our children have beautiful childhood and wonderful adulthood.
May God bless our children with a beautiful life…..

At your service

Ms Varsha Kokil